Cows, Cream, and Cornwall: The Roskillys Experience


Tucked away in Cornwall’s idyllic countryside, the Roskillys Farm is a testament to the peaceful coexistence of farming and tourism. With a long history in dairy farming, this family-owned business has given visitors an immersive experience instead of just the ordinary task of milking cows. We explore the world of Roskillys in this investigation, looking at their dedication to sustainable farming, the craft of producing delicious dairy products, and the distinct charm that characterizes the Roskillys experience.

A Glimpse into Roskillys’ Heritage:

For many generations, the Roskillys family has been caring for their farm, leaving a legacy firmly entrenched in Cornwall’s agricultural past. Bill Roskilly, the patriarch, started the story by laying the groundwork for what would eventually grow to be a well-known dairy farm. The family has created a unique agricultural enterprise over the years by skillfully fusing tradition and innovation.

Sustainable Farming Practices:

The secret to Roskillys’ success is their steadfast dedication to environmentally friendly farming practises. The farm maintains the delicate balance between agriculture and nature by embracing environmentally friendly practises. Roskillys Farms is a prime example of how contemporary farms can prosper while protecting the environment, from waste reduction to pasture management.

Cows: The Unsung Heroes of Roskillys:

The happy cows of the Roskillys are central to their experience. Numerous breeds can be found on the farm. And each one adds. To the distinctive flavour profiles of Roskillys’ dairy products. Guests can observe the daily milking procedures and learn about the mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and their cow partners.

From Cow to Cream: The Art of Dairy Craftsmanship:

The centre of activity at Roskillys is the creamery. Where raw milk is turned into a variety. Of delectable dairy products. From clotted cream to ice cream, expert craftspeople painstakingly create every product, all of which bears the hallmark of Roskillys’ commitment to excellence. The public is welcome to watch the process, which gives them a firsthand look at how cows become cream.

The Flavors of Roskillys:

Renowned for its delicious assortment of dairy products, Roskillys offers flavours that go well beyond the conventional. The farm offers a sensory journey through Cornwall’s culinary landscape, featuring everything from inventive ice cream flavours inspired by the region’s natural bounty to the traditional clotted cream, a Cornish speciality. A highlight are the tasting sessions, which let guests experience the essence of craftsmanship.

A Culinary Destination: The Farm’s Café and Restaurant:

In addition to its dairy-focused experiences, Roskillys now offers a quaint restaurant and café. Enjoy a farm-to-table dining experience where you can eat food. That is made using only the freshest ingredients. Picked right off the farm. The menu offers foodies a culinary journey while showcasing the versatility of produce.

Educational Initiatives and Workshops:

Roskillys takes pride in serving as a centre for education, disseminating information about the dairy industry and sustainable farming. The farm teaches guests about the complexities of dairy production—from pasture to plate—through workshops and guided tours. This educational initiative is in line with a mission to promote a more profound appreciation of agriculture.

Community Engagement and Local Impact:

In addition to its immediate surroundings. Roskillys is involved in the community. The farm acts as a focal point for celebrations, festivals, and get-togethers, encouraging a sense of community among both locals and tourists. The farm is a vital component. Of Cornwall’s cultural fabric and is regarded. As more than just a tourist destination thanks to its dedication to community integration.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Getting Around in the New Agrarian Landscape: Running a farm in the twenty-first century is not without its difficulties. Roskillys has successfully managed challenges like shifting consumer preferences, shifting market demands, and climate change.

Through the adoption of sustainable practices, technology, and time adaptation, the farm has not only endured but also prospered, emerging as a model of success within the agricultural industry.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Roskillys:

Roskillys is committed to upholding its fundamentals. Principles of community, quality, and sustainability as it looks to the future. Future generations are sure to be enthralled. And motivated by Roskilly’s experience. Which is positioned for growth, and innovation. And the preservation of Cornwall’s farming legacy.


The Roskillys Farm, located in the centre of Cornwall. Where cream is turned into delectable. Dishes and cows graze on verdant pastures. Is a monument to the enduring spirit of agricultural tradition. Beyond just producing dairy products, the experience is a celebration of sustainable farming, a culinary tour of Cornwall. And an invitation to immerse oneself in the vibrant local community and culture that characterize this region of the world. Every dollop of clotted cream and every scoop of ice cream from Roskillys. Invites you to experience the spirit and flavor of Cornwall’s agricultural heritage.

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