Cornwall’s Culinary Gem: Roskillys Ice Cream


A hidden culinary treasure that has delighted residents and visitors to Cornwall, England, for many years is Roskillys Ice Cream. This charming family-run dairy farm, well-known for its handcrafted ice cream, offers a unique and remarkable experience for individuals seeking the perfect harmony between customs, innovation, and sheer decadence.

A Family Affair: The Roskillys Story

The story of the Roskillys began in the early 1950s when they purchased Tregellast Barton Farm on the Lizard Peninsula. The Roskillys initially focused on traditional farming techniques, but as time passed, they began to grow their business. Their farm’s trajectory was significantly changed in 1990 when they took the bold decision to enter the ice cream business.

Since the Roskillys family is still actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm, their commitment to sustainability and excellence is guaranteed to endure. Owing to this dedication, Roskillys has developed from an ice cream company to a symbol of the handcrafted culture and agricultural heritage of Cornwall.

The Roskillys Difference: From Cow to Cone

In contrast to other ice cream producers, Roskillys follows the “Cow to Cone” philosophy. The fact that every step of the ice cream-making process is completed on the farm ensures the freshest and highest-quality product available.

1. Happy Cows Make Delicious Ice Cream

The secret to Roskillys’ success is their contented cows. On the farm is a small but happy herd of Jersey cows, famous for their rich, creamy milk. As they graze on the lush pastures of the farm, the cows lead a life very different from the industrialised environments of larger dairy operations. This commitment to moral and ecologically friendly farming practises not only benefits the cows but also improves the flavour and consistency of Roskillys ice cream.

2. The Dairy: Where Freshness Takes Shape

Modern dairy equipment is located on the farm at Roskillys, where milk is processed and used to make their delectable ice cream. The use of traditional recipes and production methods ensures that every batch retains the authentic, rich flavours that have come to characterise Roskillys.

3. Artisanal Craftsmanship

Ice cream making at Roskillys is a true art form. Skilled artisans meticulously blend locally procured components with the dairy foundation to generate an assortment of tastes that encapsulate Cornwall’s lively and multifaceted essence. Every scoop—from classic vanilla to avant-garde combinations like ginger and honeycomb—demonstrates the creativity and expertise that go into making every Roskillys product.

Sustainable Practices: Caring for Cornwall and Beyond

Roskillys has made great efforts to reduce its environmental impact because it recognises the value of sustainability in today’s world.

1. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources

The farm uses renewable resources whenever possible and energy-efficient techniques. The farm’s operations are powered by the plentiful Cornish sunlight that is captured by the solar panels that dot the landscape. In addition to lowering carbon emissions, this dedication to clean energy also serves as a model for sustainable behaviour in the area.

2. Waste Reduction and Recycling

Roskillys is committed to reducing waste by using recycling and appropriate disposal techniques. The farm has put policies in place to make sure that the production process produces as little waste as possible and actively encourages consumers to recycle their packaging. This environmentally friendly strategy fits in with Cornwall’s larger dedication to environmental care.

The Roskillys Experience: More Than Just Ice Cream

A trip to Roskillys is an immersive experience that envelops guests in the allure of Cornwall’s rural landscape, beyond simply indulging in delicious ice cream.

1. The Ice Cream Parlour

With an overwhelming variety of flavours to choose from, the Ice Cream Parlour is the focal point of the Roskillys experience. The sweet scent of freshly made waffle cones and the sight of vibrant ice cream tubs greet you as soon as you walk through the door, creating a sensory experience that primes your senses for the treats that lie ahead.

2. The Farm

The highlight of the Roskillys experience is the Ice Cream Parlour, offering an enormous selection of flavours. As soon as you walk through the door, you are greeted by the colourful ice cream tubs and the delightful aroma of freshly made waffle cones, which stimulates your senses in preparation for the treats that await.

3. The Gardens

The farm is more than just a place of work; it’s also a gorgeous setting with walking paths and gardens. While kids play in approved areas, families can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The entire experience is further enhanced by the gardens at Roskillys.

Roskillys in the Community

In addition to being a popular culinary destination, Roskillys has a strong local presence. The farm works with local businesses to promote Cornwall’s rich cultural heritage and hosts events and educational programmes.

1. Educational Programs

Roskillys is dedicated to teaching the public about sustainable farming methods and the process of going from farm to table, especially with regard to young people. School groups come here frequently to learn about environmental stewardship, animal husbandry, and agriculture.

2. Community Events

Roskillys hosts a variety of community-building events all year long. These events, which range from educational workshops to seasonal festivals, highlight the farm’s dedication to promoting a sense of community and shared values.

3. Collaborations with Local Businesses

In order to support the local economy and highlight the connections between Cornwall’s various industries, Roskillys actively engages in business collaboration with nearby companies. These partnerships go beyond finding extra ingredients for their ice cream flavours, establishing a network of sustainability and mutual assistance.

Conclusion: A Taste of Cornwall’s Rich Heritage

A testament to Cornwall’s rich agricultural history and dedication to sustainable practises is Roskillys Ice Cream. Every element of Roskillys, from the happy cows grazing in the fields to the expert artisans creating each batch of ice cream, reflects a commitment to quality, tradition, and the lively spirit of Cornwall.

More than just great ice cream, a trip to Roskillys offers the chance to take in the stunning Cornish countryside. Interact with the locals, and experience the flavours of a region steeped in culinary traditions. Every scoop of Roskillys ice cream is a taste of Cornwall’s past, present, and future, making. It an incredibly distinctive and life-changing treat.

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